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We’ve come a long way since starting out in 2013. From developing an exciting portfolio of places and welcoming new members into our team, to hosting launch events up and down the country, it’s all part of making the Fusion Group vision a reality across the UK.



Fusion Students is born

The concept of the Fusion Students brand is created by Co-Founders Warren Rosenberg and Nigel Henry.

The goal is to create accommodation that offers an unrivalled lifestyle for students studying at the top universities in the United Kingdom.


The first of many buildings

Acquired Froomsgate House, Bristol. Later to be re-named as Fusion Tower.

Acquired Talbot House, Nottingham. Later to be re-named as Nova.


The portfolio grows

Acquired Plummer House, Newcastle.

Acquired Ramada Hotel, Hatfield. Later to be re-named as Comet.

Acquired Windsor House, Cardiff.


Group MD appointed

Acquired Howard Gardens. Later to be re-named as Eclipse.

Adam Cohen joins as Group Managing Director.

Expanded to our Elstree Office.

Partnered with luxury student accommodation operator Collegiate AC.


Launching Fusion Tower & Plummer House

Acquired Capital Quarter, Cardiff. Later to be re-named as Zenith.

Fusion Tower and Plummer House open, welcoming students from around the globe.

Sold Windsor House, Cardiff.

An unprecedented Launch Party; over 150 property industry professionals relived their yester-years and celebrated the launch of Fusion Tower by partying and staying overnight in the impressive new property.


From strength to strength

Acquired new sites in Liverpool and Sheffield.

Launched Nova, Nottingham.

Launched Eclipse, Cardiff.

Opened our high street hub in Cardiff City Centre. A place for students to work or relax.


Abseiling for Charity

Our brave residents and staff at Bristol raised over £7,000 for Cancer Research by Abseiling Fusion Tower.


Stellar Portfolio Sale

Four assets in Cardiff, Newcastle, Nottingham and Bristol sold for well above the asking price of £232 million.


Digital development

Fusion Students Launch their Residents App, making living with Fusion easier and more connected.


Start of Operating Journey

Fusion Students start operating our own portfolio of buildings.


Luna & Zenith grand opening

Grand opening at Luna, Hatfield.

Grand opening at Zenith, Cardiff.


Acquired Three New Sites

Currently exchanging on schemes in Liverpool, Nottingham and Portsmouth .


Acquired new site in Manchester

Currently going through planning on a brand new scheme in Manchester 

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